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The front cover of Buried By Sunset.

A supernatural small-town horror set in the desert.



When Randall Stanford arrives at the house his father left him, he raises Thornfold’s population from 70 to 71.


For residents, it’s unexpected, reigniting rumors about how the man who lived there disappeared, and why someone looking like him is back.


Pushed to uncover what happened to a father he never met, Randall finds himself entangled in the lives of people who don’t take kindly to strangers, and the sinister secret of a desert town teetering on the edge of extinction.


Inspired by the supernatural and elements that define the Southern Gothic, BURIED BY SUNSET is a sweltering small-town horror that will leave you unsettled long after the final page.

Holy Moly, this book had me riddled with goosebumps. It was slow to start and I instantly thought it would be another small town with a serial killer, how wrong was I! I was lulled into a false sense of security and plunged into wicked, dark, twisted events. Absolutely phenomenal.

Goodreads Review

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